Atarashii Naginata in Finland is organised under the Finnish Kendo Association (FKA) which is a member of the European Naginata Federation. The head instructor is Mr. Jukka Paasonen (2 dan, [first name]

Jikishinkageryu Naginatajutsu is organised under the Shutokukai (registered association), of which all members belong to the Japanese Shutokukai organisation. The head teacher in Finland is Mr. Jukka Paasonen (reiken no maki, [first name]

Kirsikankukkajuhla Roihuvuoressa

The FKA maintains a mailing list in which can be subscribed for being informed of the seminars, gradings and other engagements related to Atarashii Naginata.

There are also other styles and organizations in which is possible to practice with the weapon naginata. However those are not necessarily in a direct contact with the Finnish Kendo Association. These styles are such as Jikishinkageryū, Tenshin Shoden Katori Shintoryū and Suiōryū.


Here is a anonymous feedback form which collects feedback data to a Google Documents. It is completely anonymous and nothing else, except the feedback content and the time when is was sent, are saved. Feel free to leave feedback about this web site, training sessions, or anything else regarding Atarashii Naginata or Jikishinkageryū Naginatajutsu in Finland.


Helsinki Kendo Club Ki-Ken-Tai-Icchi

At Helsinki Kendo Club, Ki-Ken-Tai-Icchi (KKTI) it is possible to join the classes of Atarashii Naginata and Jikishinkageryū Naginatajutsu

Please contact Mr. Teemu Ranne ([firstname.lastname] for any inquiries related to Naginata training in KKTI.

Training equipments

It is sometimes possible to order training equipments via the club that in which the practitioner is a member, usually when new classes begin.

The site owner also has a few "Shiai naginata" training weapons for sale, prices typically starting from 100 euros, depending on the timing and size of the given order. Also Zen Nihon Kata naginata and Jikishinkageryū set (naginata, bokken, tanto) are available.

Below are links to some of the sensible martial shops from where it is possible to obtain training equipments: